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IA2 portals are able to generate various kind of files, like tar archives containing multiple images, VOTable and CSV files and URL list for downloading portal resources using external tools.

These tasks are performed asynchronously, so you can carry out other operations on the portal while the generation process is ongoing.

When you files are ready to be downloaded you will be notified on the top menu.

Your files will be available for 3 days, but you can also delete them before.

This works also for anonymous users, unless you delete browser cookies.

Download multiple files

As tar archives

You can download multiple files as tar archives.

Select your files and press the "Create tar from selected" button from the "Download" menu.

You can find your files in the download menu.

If you tar is bigger than 500MB it will be split in multiple files.

If you are going to download a huge amount of files, please consider using the method described in the next section.

Using external tools (e.g. wget)

Clicking on the "URL list" button from the "Download" menu, a list of all downloadable files related to the last search performed on the portal will be generated. This list includes all query results, not only the paginated ones.

This allows you to download the files using command line tools like wget: wget -i files.txt

Private files

Some IA2 portals contain private files. In this case they can be downloaded adding HTTP Basic-Auth headers to the request.

Using wget this can be accomplished adding the following options: wget --http-user=<username> --http-password=<password> -i files.txt.

You can use a subset of the credentials supported by the portals:

  • INAF (IDEM) credentials (in this case you have to add the "" suffix to your username);
  • IA2 self-registered accounts.

Please, note that IA2 portals could not use HTTPS. If you have INAF credentials and you don't want to expose them through a plain HTTP service, you can register an IA2 account to use with wget and join it with INAF credentials. For additional information regarding IA2 authentication and authorization systems visit the dedicated documentation.

VOTable/CSV generation

The VOTable format is an XML standard for the interchange of data represented as a set of tables.

To generate a VOTable based on the last search click on the "VOTable" button from the "Download" menu.

The VOTable will be split in multiple files if rows number is greater than 2000.

The same considerations are valid also for CSV files generation.

SAMP integration

SAMP is a messaging protocol that enables astronomy software tools to interoperate and communicate.

Using SAMP you can send images or their metadata to external application like TOPCAT, Aladin, DS9 and many more.

If no SAMP hub is running on your computer this icon is gray.

If your SAMP hub is running the icon is green and you can register on it to see the other applications.

When you are registered to the hub you can select the target application.

If you are unregistered or you haven't select any application your messages will be sent to all active applications.

You can:

  • Send a VOTable by SAMP (MType table.load.votable)
  • Send an image by SAMP (MType image.load.fits)

When a SAMP hub is detected, a "signal" icon will appear near search result files and generated VOTable files.